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Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are Expecting!

My husband and I found out 8 wks ago that we are expecting...WE are so umbelievably excited. After trying for about 6 months (which were really like 2 since he was sent away 3 times during our attempts) we finally have a baby on the way. My poor husband freaked out in the great way, and then reality struck him hard.. the poor guy had to call his parents for reassurance to ask them if they think he will be a good dad...well babe, You are going to be a GREAT DAD!!! i have never seen a man more concerned, excited, attentive and happy about his baby. He sings to our little beans, and talks to him/her and kisses the tummy in the morning and at night... I couldnt have picked a better daddy to be. I love you babe!!Though i must say that I HATE all of those pregnant women that are constantly talking about the magic of pregnancy and how great they felt, and how much they loved it... I AM NOT A GRACEFUL EXPECTANT MOTHER AT ALL!!!!!! I have been sick everyday since before I found i was pregnant and finally at 13 wks its begun to ease up during the day, but yesterday it was serious; projectile puke and all!! it got all over the walls, the floors, everywere EXCEPT the toilet. lol.. NOT COOL when I had a steak sandwich for lunch.

anyway, we have seen the bean twice and heard its little heart beat and daddy even has pics all over his office. Everyone thinks its a girl, but Im clueless.. Whatever you are, I LOVE YOU BEAN!!!!