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Sunday, September 28, 2008

good weekend

this was a really good weekend, went out with some friends to the Neptune Festival and had a fabulous dinner at Catch31. We had a few drinks, laughed a little and overall had a good time. Then today my husband invited some friends over and I cooked for them, then we played some Wii and had a pretty nice time, but I AM EXHAUSTED!

My nephew turned 3 today and when I asked him how old he is his reply is "10" i said no your not, you are "3" and he goes " I KNOW, BUT I WANT TO BE 10" so we all laughed and had a good time. I made him a cute painting of a Giraffe for his room and a frame with his name to match. Then i bought him some Mega blocks made of wood and some flashcards and stuff just so he has lots of things to open and enjoy himself.

here are some pics of the Giraffe and frame.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its Raining, Its pouring, the Old man is snoring...

I Finally slept good last night, probably because I know that my husband comes home tomorrow night. When he isnt here I cant sleep, I think the bed feels too big and empty. its been raining all morning and its nice to have a day like that once in a while, Im gonna go and rent sex in the city or maybe ill make something.

Im gonna go and make myself some breakfast, maybe a nice big breakfast as a treat.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ok, I miss my husband! he drives me bonkers when he is home, but when he isnt here this place feels insanely empty and dull. He sent me some beautiful flowers last week for no reason at all. We are working on us and he is putting lots of effort into making me happy and us work. YAY!! I feel happy. I hope it stays that way..we are so different that sometimes I feel that it works against us, yet everyone that meets us says that it works in our benefit. I suppose thats true for lots of couples.

I love anything thrift store and yard sale...I wish I had a partner in crime to check these places out with :O( .It's so much more fun to go with another thrift junkie to share your finds with.

I found this thrift store (JCOC THRIFT) near my place that is really great. They carry inexpensive and vintage children's books. I have found some awesome finds there; they have the best sales and prices ever.

The grinch book is from 1957 and I also have "madeline's rescue" from 1955 with original watercolor painting. The little Golden books are all first prints of their particular stories.

I also bought an abslide for my husband (who loves to excersize while he watches tv) for 1.00$ (hehe) and a couple of baby books for him and myself for .45cents each (in brand new condition might I add)

What I want to find is some fun and funky fabric and maybe some vintage pieces that i can use as embellishments. I want to make one of those nursing covers next. So far, I am learning a little bit more each time I sew. I also want to make little bra markers for breast feeding. They are basically litle hooks or something you clip on the breast that you last breastfed from so that you remember to alternate next time. I have SERIOUS ISSUES understanding patterns, CANT MAKE SENSE OF THEM AT ALL! its like my brain cannot comprehend the madness SO I just make up my own. lol

Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I LOVE

ok, so today was just another day in which i ran some errands, went to the gym and did things around the house. I saw a beautiful sunset today that made me think about some of my favorite things and I though "Hey! Why not share them!?"

so... I LOVE:

Sunsets * Walks in the park when the leaves start to change * dulce de leche ice cream * Sledding * cooking something great after buying all of the ingredients * walking through a market * Thrift Stores * flowers * Photography * my nephews' saying I love you * dancing all night * breakfast in bed * puppies * India (though I have never been there) * mint chocolate chip ice cream with magic shell chocolate on top and whip cream on the side * scented candles * making up my own sewing patterns with newspaper and then sewing with them * Dominican Birthday Cake * walking barefoot (especially on grass) * singing out loud in my car and making believe the steering wheel is a drum * my bicycle's basket * hiking * sappy movies that make me cry * Israel Kamawiwole's version of somewhere over the rainbow * 80's Music * fruity pebbles * a slice of NY cheese pizza * a downtown manhattan hot Dog with EVERYTHING on top * Friends (the tv show) * college memories (jeje) * being an RA/CA * SPRING TIME * hearing little kids laugh out loud * catching up with my best friend after not talking for a while and feeling like we were never away from eachother * my brothers and sisters * Seeing my mother happy * when my brother sings me * My mother's sancocho * my dad's bald head (weird, i know, but i think its cute) * crochet * medical shows * Bollywood films * staring at the stars * traveling * laying on a hammock on a beach under a palm tree * Bon Fires with friends and music * BBQs * christmas presents * cooking for friends ...

Sunset over Virginia Beach

sooo much more I dont think I can go on...:o)

I also made a cowl neck scarf with a coconut button today and here is a pic..hope you like. I made the whole body with double stiches and then closed the sides with a picot stich.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

another day..

just here, doing NADA! I made a shopping cart cover for my make believe it came out real cute. I rented Made of Honor and am gonna chill out and watch that. Tomorrow I have to get serious and study for the teacher workshop Im attending on Tuesday (wish me luck) im sure that they are going to ask me some serious questions and there is nothing worse than an unprepared teacher..what an example would that be?!?!

so, Im taking the whole day tomorrow to catch up and make sure I dont studder...

it was a never-ending dull day today, not to mention its 7pm and I still havent taken a shower-talk about lazy!?!I will right before i go to sleep though.

anyway, back to the shopping cart cover..its super cute, I'll photograph it tommorrow. I took the measurements from one of the carts at walmart and made my own pattern with newspaper. It looks great!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Got the sewing BUG

I woke up today in a creative sort of mood and I made the cutest tag blankie EVER...I even redesigned one of the tags so that its a velcro loop that you can attach to the binkie.. (i know, i freaking SMART) My mother-in-law is too funny..she said that by the time we have a baby it will have everything it needs because of my boredom. lol

I also made a passport holder and my next project is going to be some baby booties. I found a really easy pattern online, but i need really thin elastic. I also want to make a shopping cart cover and I havent found the right fabric yet.. I want something really cute and funky.

im needing some travel therapy

its 1:53am and I cant sleep, im restless...I was going to start sewing one of those really fun tag blankies, but I realiezed that I am restless because of this insane desire to travel inside of me. I was born to see the world and the most i have seen these past 3 years is freakin MISSISSIPPI..EXACTLY!!!!! how depressing is that?! not to mention, borderline pathethic. anywho... I really am craving something colorful, exotic, with fantastic outdoor markets and FOOD..something like India, turkey, tuscany.

SHEESH! I want to see SOMETHING NEW...My husband is getting so BORING. God, I am craving some serious travel adventure. Skydiving, hang gliding...SOEMTHING!!! I AM NOT A DULL SOUL, I DONT HAVE A DULL HAIR IN ME!!!!! Im gonna have to shock this man into seeing new things. Lol...

Where can we go? what can we do??!!! Im so desperate ill take something fun Hiking, camping, caves...SOMETHNG!!

I think im going to make my own halloween costume...maybe rainbow (this is my random thought of the day):O)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Excited!

OK, after 12 attempts to make a tittle for my blog I FINALLY made one I LOVE!~

I wanted something colorful, vibrant, full of life and that didn't limit my blog to just one idea. I WANT IT ALL!!

Anyhow, I made a rag doll last night (2 am and couldn't sleep). I found the pattern for the black apple dolls online and loved them, they are so, I printed, cut, sewed and VOILA! here is "Little Suzie Homemaker" lol.. i thought that was just too cute to pass up.. check out her little apron. Anyway, i loved her so much that I decided to make a whole family. Im going to make a dad and brother and sister as well as a pet. Ill post those as soon as they are here. I figure that it would be fun to save these and play with my future kids someday. I have this great idea for a rag doll that you can dress up (like the paper dolls we used to have as kids) I have to come up with a pattern and Im thinking VELcro to easily attach the clothes.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!? lol.., i have had this insatiable (i hope thats how its spelled) desire for a baby..I must be insane! Things are so much better and maybe this sense of security is making me feel more comfortable about the idea of a baby. Its so sad that I started to make all of these baby things...seriously! I look at baby things all of the time online and search for sewing patterns and what not.. too funny! Jose laughs, he is dying for a baby..(ill post some pics of the projects soon)

I would love to have a baby right now, but the reality of the matter is that there are still a few milestones that we need to pass before we get to that place. We rushed into our relationship and had a rough start, now i dont want to put myself in a place were we rush into a baby too.. that would not be fair. Besides, i have finally started to gain energy to go back to school for my masters and take care of ME a lot more. The idea of school again after 4 years is freakin me out...


I have come to the realization that i need adventure in my life, I need FUN and EXCITEMENT-i think that is what is lacking...I WANT IT BAD!!!