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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ok, I miss my husband! he drives me bonkers when he is home, but when he isnt here this place feels insanely empty and dull. He sent me some beautiful flowers last week for no reason at all. We are working on us and he is putting lots of effort into making me happy and us work. YAY!! I feel happy. I hope it stays that way..we are so different that sometimes I feel that it works against us, yet everyone that meets us says that it works in our benefit. I suppose thats true for lots of couples.

I love anything thrift store and yard sale...I wish I had a partner in crime to check these places out with :O( .It's so much more fun to go with another thrift junkie to share your finds with.

I found this thrift store (JCOC THRIFT) near my place that is really great. They carry inexpensive and vintage children's books. I have found some awesome finds there; they have the best sales and prices ever.

The grinch book is from 1957 and I also have "madeline's rescue" from 1955 with original watercolor painting. The little Golden books are all first prints of their particular stories.

I also bought an abslide for my husband (who loves to excersize while he watches tv) for 1.00$ (hehe) and a couple of baby books for him and myself for .45cents each (in brand new condition might I add)

What I want to find is some fun and funky fabric and maybe some vintage pieces that i can use as embellishments. I want to make one of those nursing covers next. So far, I am learning a little bit more each time I sew. I also want to make little bra markers for breast feeding. They are basically litle hooks or something you clip on the breast that you last breastfed from so that you remember to alternate next time. I have SERIOUS ISSUES understanding patterns, CANT MAKE SENSE OF THEM AT ALL! its like my brain cannot comprehend the madness SO I just make up my own. lol

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