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Saturday, September 20, 2008

im needing some travel therapy

its 1:53am and I cant sleep, im restless...I was going to start sewing one of those really fun tag blankies, but I realiezed that I am restless because of this insane desire to travel inside of me. I was born to see the world and the most i have seen these past 3 years is freakin MISSISSIPPI..EXACTLY!!!!! how depressing is that?! not to mention, borderline pathethic. anywho... I really am craving something colorful, exotic, with fantastic outdoor markets and FOOD..something like India, turkey, tuscany.

SHEESH! I want to see SOMETHING NEW...My husband is getting so BORING. God, I am craving some serious travel adventure. Skydiving, hang gliding...SOEMTHING!!! I AM NOT A DULL SOUL, I DONT HAVE A DULL HAIR IN ME!!!!! Im gonna have to shock this man into seeing new things. Lol...

Where can we go? what can we do??!!! Im so desperate ill take something fun Hiking, camping, caves...SOMETHNG!!

I think im going to make my own halloween costume...maybe rainbow (this is my random thought of the day):O)

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