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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!? lol.., i have had this insatiable (i hope thats how its spelled) desire for a baby..I must be insane! Things are so much better and maybe this sense of security is making me feel more comfortable about the idea of a baby. Its so sad that I started to make all of these baby things...seriously! I look at baby things all of the time online and search for sewing patterns and what not.. too funny! Jose laughs, he is dying for a baby..(ill post some pics of the projects soon)

I would love to have a baby right now, but the reality of the matter is that there are still a few milestones that we need to pass before we get to that place. We rushed into our relationship and had a rough start, now i dont want to put myself in a place were we rush into a baby too.. that would not be fair. Besides, i have finally started to gain energy to go back to school for my masters and take care of ME a lot more. The idea of school again after 4 years is freakin me out...


I have come to the realization that i need adventure in my life, I need FUN and EXCITEMENT-i think that is what is lacking...I WANT IT BAD!!!

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