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Sunday, September 21, 2008

another day..

just here, doing NADA! I made a shopping cart cover for my make believe it came out real cute. I rented Made of Honor and am gonna chill out and watch that. Tomorrow I have to get serious and study for the teacher workshop Im attending on Tuesday (wish me luck) im sure that they are going to ask me some serious questions and there is nothing worse than an unprepared teacher..what an example would that be?!?!

so, Im taking the whole day tomorrow to catch up and make sure I dont studder...

it was a never-ending dull day today, not to mention its 7pm and I still havent taken a shower-talk about lazy!?!I will right before i go to sleep though.

anyway, back to the shopping cart cover..its super cute, I'll photograph it tommorrow. I took the measurements from one of the carts at walmart and made my own pattern with newspaper. It looks great!

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