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Friday, September 19, 2008

Super Excited!

OK, after 12 attempts to make a tittle for my blog I FINALLY made one I LOVE!~

I wanted something colorful, vibrant, full of life and that didn't limit my blog to just one idea. I WANT IT ALL!!

Anyhow, I made a rag doll last night (2 am and couldn't sleep). I found the pattern for the black apple dolls online and loved them, they are so, I printed, cut, sewed and VOILA! here is "Little Suzie Homemaker" lol.. i thought that was just too cute to pass up.. check out her little apron. Anyway, i loved her so much that I decided to make a whole family. Im going to make a dad and brother and sister as well as a pet. Ill post those as soon as they are here. I figure that it would be fun to save these and play with my future kids someday. I have this great idea for a rag doll that you can dress up (like the paper dolls we used to have as kids) I have to come up with a pattern and Im thinking VELcro to easily attach the clothes.


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