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Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I LOVE

ok, so today was just another day in which i ran some errands, went to the gym and did things around the house. I saw a beautiful sunset today that made me think about some of my favorite things and I though "Hey! Why not share them!?"

so... I LOVE:

Sunsets * Walks in the park when the leaves start to change * dulce de leche ice cream * Sledding * cooking something great after buying all of the ingredients * walking through a market * Thrift Stores * flowers * Photography * my nephews' saying I love you * dancing all night * breakfast in bed * puppies * India (though I have never been there) * mint chocolate chip ice cream with magic shell chocolate on top and whip cream on the side * scented candles * making up my own sewing patterns with newspaper and then sewing with them * Dominican Birthday Cake * walking barefoot (especially on grass) * singing out loud in my car and making believe the steering wheel is a drum * my bicycle's basket * hiking * sappy movies that make me cry * Israel Kamawiwole's version of somewhere over the rainbow * 80's Music * fruity pebbles * a slice of NY cheese pizza * a downtown manhattan hot Dog with EVERYTHING on top * Friends (the tv show) * college memories (jeje) * being an RA/CA * SPRING TIME * hearing little kids laugh out loud * catching up with my best friend after not talking for a while and feeling like we were never away from eachother * my brothers and sisters * Seeing my mother happy * when my brother sings me * My mother's sancocho * my dad's bald head (weird, i know, but i think its cute) * crochet * medical shows * Bollywood films * staring at the stars * traveling * laying on a hammock on a beach under a palm tree * Bon Fires with friends and music * BBQs * christmas presents * cooking for friends ...

Sunset over Virginia Beach

sooo much more I dont think I can go on...:o)

I also made a cowl neck scarf with a coconut button today and here is a pic..hope you like. I made the whole body with double stiches and then closed the sides with a picot stich.

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