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Saturday, November 15, 2008


My husband and I have decided on a baby plan. YOu might be like "What?!" well, we sat down and discussed when would be the best time to start trying for a family. SO, we came up with this plan because i want to stay home with the baby for a year and with grad school and his moving up quick at work, it just seems like a lot, But a baby is the most important thing. So, we are going to SAVE SAVE SAVE $$$$. That means that I have to get a fulltime job with some steady income. WILL DO! My pay as a substitute teacher isnt cutting it right now. I have also been working real hard at home learning to sew some pretty cute things. I have to put together some tutorials. I am trying to perfect a couple of pieces because Im thinking this would be a good source of side income. :) I cant wait to post some pics of the toddler aprons, bibs, mini burp cloths, and taggies i have made along with some super cute ballerina ragdolls.

ok, after a long day of school, cleaning, crafting and lounging around I am ready to hit the sack! Nite nite!!

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