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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today is the day...

today is the day that i pledge to make my blog a GREAT BLOG!!!

I am going to make it beautiful, make it inviting and make it one those blogs that you cant help, but visit. I WILL BE A BLOGGIN-VIXEN!! lol well, ok maybe not a bloggin vixen, but a darn good blogger.

these pasts weeks at home have been great, my husband and I seem to be learning how to work with eachother and understand eachother better. I am happy. It feels like something has suddenly clicked at home and the pieces fit. My husband and I have had our small arguments, but they havent escalated to anything more than a few minutes of bikering and I am so proud of him for keeping my feelings in mind and I am so proud of me for remembering that I must learn to let things go if I wish to be happy. he is a great man and he has a great wife and I know that if we keep on putting forth the level of effort, empathy and consideration that we have been putting forth we will achieve great things as a family. I love my husband.

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