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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Babies grow way too fast

My son is a big boy for his age... he is 6 months old, 21lbs(last time we checked) and 28 inches long...and already wears a very fitted size 12 months. He has gone through a gazillion onesies and PJs since he was born (I have two HUGE totes full of 'em to prove it), and quite frankly this whole onesie business is gonna break the bank. So, I heard something about a ONESIE EXTENDER... looked around the net, found some but I do not feel like spending 10$ on 3 of those things. So, i did a little research for a tutorial and cant find that either.(if anyone has one please send it my way) I have decided to make a tutorial myself... WEEKEND PROJECT COMING UP! I will definitely put up pictures and try to be as detailed as possible. I am currently working on the details...

now, onto the PJs... those footed pajamas are excellent, HOWEVER, my kid's feet are all squished inside of it. Many of them he technically still fits into except for the length (mainly because of the feet) and I wanted a tutorial for removing them and maybe adding something to them.. I think i might have to work on that one too. Well, check me out Sunday night... ill have my tutorial up by then.


  1. Hi, found you via labella bash - all the best on your motherhood wild road trip (better description than 'journey' I think) followed for you, would love for you to come 'visit' me @ Jane:)

  2. HI Jane! thanks for the comment and the good wishes... i definitely think motherhood is more of a road trip than it is a journey. I was checking out your blog, and its great. I agree with you 100%, some of us are born to be moms regardless of what other things we attempt in life.. motherhood is the ultimate happy place.