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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Making my own baby food is something I really enjoy, particularly watching his little face get all excited while eating it. I try and make 2 different meals at once (while I am making dinner, so i kill 2 birds with 1 stone), and enough to make 8 or 10 meals. Yesterday I got a little creative and made my own version of Pasta Primavera and a Fall Veggie Soup. Both YUMMY! I try and buy as many of the ingredients organic, after reading this article 16 fruits and veggies you should buy organic.  My son is six months old, but we started him on solids around 4 months, he sits up all by himself, crawls, and stands up while holding onto things.  (not bragging, just to clarify why I give him such advanced foods)  In addition to that, I am one of those people that feels that introducing a baby to flavorful foods, spices, and a diverse menu will ensure an appreciation for things outside of the French-fry and mac and cheese pool. well, at least I am hopeful. 

Here are the recipes and a few pictures:

Pasta Primavera
1 cup of whole grain pasta (i use rotini)
1-2 peeled roma tomatoes (peeled and seeded)
1/4 cup red bell pepper (diced)
1 spoonful of chopped red onion
a few sprigs of cilantro or parsley
1 clove of garlic-mashed
a little drizzle of olive oil (i know, people say no oil, but its healthy and flavorful)
pinch of oregano
and about 1 cup of yellow and green zhuchinni ( peeled and sliced)

bring 1 qt of water to a boil, then add everything. cook until its all soft (not too long since overcooking depletes nutrients)... then blend gradually until you reach the consistency your baby likes (I use my electric kidco baby food mill). I freeze it in  kidco baby food freezer trays (they are great because they have a lid, otherwise you can use regular trays and wrap in a freezer bag), once they are frozen I remove the cubes from the trays, and place them in labeled freezer bags until i need it. To thaw it, I heat up a glass pot, then add the food in. mix, turn it off and it thaws perfectly.

 Cooked pasta in the food mill
 Pureed pasta in trays
 frozen and ready for bagging

Fall Veggie Soup
1/2 of a large sweet potato-peeled and cubed
1/2 a large Idaho potato-peeled and cubed
1/4 cup green beans
2 large carrots, peeled and sliced
1 cup cubed butternut squash
1 yellow and 1 green zucchini (peeled and sliced)
2 stalks of organic celery-sliced
some parsley
some white onion
*you can add a little spinach if you have (i forgot to add it) 
a handful of thin soup noodles

add all of the ingredients to 1 qt of boiling water, cook until all is tender. Then blend. (you can adjust the liquid as you see fit to reach your desired consistency) This yields about 5 cups, I prep for freezing in the trays, and pack like I did the pasta. ENJOY! 
Thin soup noodles
all in the pot
In the blender, ready to go
Poured and set to freeze.  Have fun!

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