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Sunday, October 24, 2010


My little boy's nursery is something I had GIANT ideas for; I started on it, but this whole military life hasn't allowed me to quite get it all done. The uncertainty of moving in a few months, after only being here 4 months, has kept me from making my home pretty and taking the time to put the final touches on the baby's room. To me, my baby's nursery was right up there with dreaming of my wedding day...well, I had to cancel my wedding, (3 years later my dress is still hanging in the closet untouched) and ended up having a local judge marry us in Biloxi, MS under a 100 year old tree (SANS DRESS). Now, I have to hold of on my nursery too. (yes, I am pouting and stomping my feet) Nonetheless, I am hopeful. It appears that fate is inclining us to take a new direction, and we are listening to her...then we may very well stay in one place for longer than 2 years, and I will get to have my own place. Within my limitations, I have managed to do a few things for the nursery though...I painted that little bird over the lamp (RANDOM THOUGHT:  I am thinking of painting kids' pictures and selling them on etsy) I wanted to do a cute, colorful, animal-filled room that doesn't feel overwhelming or crowded. 

here are a few pictures of the things I have done with the nursery: 

 My little thrift store monkey hanging from the lamp
 I got these adorable farm animal bookends from a consignment sale
 These gorgeous little gators are from a thrift store
Cocalo Alphabet Soup bedding
These little wooden cutout animals are from walmart, they were .49cents each. I stuck them to the ends of the finials
Ikea Mobile
I got the rocking chair on Craigslist for $20...I love CL!
Dollar tree frames with dollar tree animals

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